• WP Lavori Timeline - WP Store Origins

    WP Store Origins

    When WP Lavori, led by Cristina Calori and Andrea Canè, opened their first store in Bologna in 1985, they could never have predicted that the business model they implemented would bring them 30 years of consistent success. Armed with the skill to anticipate future fashion trends, the revolutionary retail experience they strived to deliver was truly ahead of its time. The highly skilled art of pulling together merchandise from all corners of the world, to form the notion of a clothing concept store was totally unheard of. As the company expanded, WP sought out unique, architecturally relevant locations, and transformed them into carefully curated spaces, with specially chosen vintage fixtures and fittings, that embody the WP brand philosophy for championing functional, authentic goods. From the very onset, they have striven to offer consumers the highest quality products from the best possible suppliers, in a retail environment of unparalleled style and sophistication. With every new store that opens, the legacy of WP Lavori in Corso continues to influence, and help to define the way in which an entire generation perceives clothing, retail and design.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 1985


    WP develops two distinct distribution channels: fashion and casual. The former showcases innovative designer brands such as Parachute, Anna Sui, Vivienne Tam, and Stephen Sprouse. The latter features quality heritage brands like Miller, Pendleton, and Eagle.
    The first WP Flagship Store opens in Bologna.

    Bologna Flagship
  • WP Lavori Timeline - 1986


    Paraboot celebrates its sales peak, selling 50,000 pairs in one season.
    WP starts to import American brands Columbia and Filson.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 1987


    Imports Scottish knitwear brand Inverallan.
    Opens its second WP Flagship Store in Milan.

    Milan Flagship
  • WP Lavori Timeline - 1988


    Imports body care brands Kiehls, Key West Aloe, and Dr. Bronner.
    Vans celebrates its sales peak, selling 110,000 pairs in one season.
    WP launches the Vans apparel collection designed by Enzo Fusco.
    Opens WP Flagship Store in Florence.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 1989-1991


    WP starts to import Villebrequin, London Fog, and John J. Hardy.
    Acquires the Italian distribution rights for B.D. Baggies.
    Opens WP Store in Isola d’Elba.


    Starts the distribution of Nautica and Crescent Down Works.
    Begins to import Khaki Jungle and Bryant.


    Starts to import American T-shirt brand Hanes.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 1992


    Opens WP Store in Pescara.
    Starts to import backpacks by American brand Outdoor Products.
    WP celebrates its 10th anniversary publishing the coffee-table book WP Stories—10 Years Out of Fashion.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 1993-1995


    Starts to import Rug Barn, Shady Character, Ecosport, and ceramics by Fiesta.


    Barbour reaches its Italian sales peak.
    WP starts to import Prison Blues: a social rehabilitation project involving the convicts at the Oregon State Penitentiary.
    Begins to import Rockport.


    Acquires the Italian license for B.D. Baggies.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 1996-1997


    Starts to distribute Sperry Top-Sider and Spiewak.
    Takes on the Vespa brand, under license from Piaggio, to create a lifestyle collection.


    Acquires the Italian distribution rights for the Australian brand Blundstone.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 1998-1999


    Woolrich celebrates its sales peak, selling 75,000 parkas in one season.
    Acquires the European license and distribution rights for Woolrich John Rich & Bros, launching the first collections for men and women.


    WP acquires the Italian distribution rights for Blue Marlin.
    Launches the first Woolrich John Rich & Bros. collection for children.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 2000-2002


    WP opens their first European Woolrich Flagship Store in Cortina d’Ampezzo.
    Starts to import American brands Evidence, NM 70, Vintage Tees, and Rich Hippie.


    Opens new WP Store on via della Vigna Nuova, Florence.


    WP celebrates the company’s 20th anniversary, publishing the coffee-table book 20 Years of WP Lavori.
    Acquires the Italian license for the surf apparel brand Hang Ten.

    Florence Flagship
  • WP Lavori Timeline - 2003-2006


    WP starts to distribute American Apparel in Italy.
    Opens the first Italian Barbour store in Corso Genova, Milan.


    Celebrates Woolrich’s 175th anniversary.
    Opens the second Woolrich Flagship Store in Forte dei Marmi, Italy.


    WP launches the Woolrich Woolen Mills collection, under the creative direction of Daiki Suzuki
    Begins to distribute Woolrich Woolen Mills in Japan in partnership with Nepenthes.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 2007-2008


    WP acquires the worldwide license and distribution rights for Woolrich John Rich & Bros.
    Acquires the worldwide license and distribution rights for B.D. Baggies.
    Launches American distribution company WP Lavori USA.


    Worldwide relaunch of B.D. Baggies, under the creative direction of David Mullen.
    Opens Woolrich Flagship Store in Sylt.
    Introduces new research brands to the WP Store environment: Engineered Garments, Barena Venezia, Nanamica, and Save Khaki.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 2009


    WP distributes Woolrich John Rich & Bros. in the US under WP Lavori USA, and in Japan with Yagi Tsusho LTD.
    Launches the Woolrich youth line Penn-Rich in Italy.
    Acquires the worldwide license for Avon Celli as well as the European distribution rights for the American brand Save Khaki.
    Opens Woolrich store in Stockholm, Sweden and the first European Beams Plus corners in WP Stores Milan, Florence, and Bologna.
    Begins an exclusive European retail alliance with the Japanese brand Fith.
    Releases a limited edition collaboration between Woolrich John Rich & Bros. and Japanese brand Nanamica.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 2010-2011


    Celebrates Woolrich’s 180th anniversary with a book of portraits by American photographer Douglas Kirkland.
    Opens WP Stores in Riccione and Varese.


    Opens WP Stores in Florence, Rome, Verona, Padua, and Pescara.
    WP appoints Mark McNairy as new designer of Woolrich Woolen Mills.

    Rome Flagship
  • WP Lavori Timeline - 2012


    WP opens Woolrich stores in London, Munich, Gothenburg, Maastricht, and Lille, alongside a WP Store in Genova.
    Acquires the worldwide license and distribution rights for the British brand Baracuta, globally relaunching the the brand at Piti Uomo.
    Celebrates its 30th anniversary with the coffee-table book Thirty Years of Research in Style: WP Lavori in Corso, published by Rizzoli.

  • WP Lavori Timeline - 2013-2014


    Opens WP Store in Parma.
    Opens the first international WP Stores in Seoul, Korea and New York, USA.
    Acquires the Italian distribution rights for the French footwear brand Palladium.


    WP furthers its worldwide expansion of Woolrich spaces, opening new stores in Tokyo, New York City, Prague, Brescia, Hamburg and Sylt.
    Collaborates with Italian artist, Paolo Ventura, for the WoolrichArt project: an advertising campaign combining painting, fashion and found objects.

    Seoul Flagship
  • WP Lavori Timeline - 2015


    Celebrates WP Store’s 30th anniversary, releasing the BlueBlack Collection: a range of 20 limited edition pieces produced with 18 internationally esteemed brands.
    Opens Barbour store in Rome.
    Plans to open four new Woolrich stores in Warsaw, Amsterdam, Berlin and Rome.

    New York Flagship