BlueBlack Collection

Summer 2015 sees the launch of WP Lavori’s BlueBlack Collection, released to mark the celebration of 30 successful years in retail. Since opening the doors in 1985 to their first store in Bologna, WP Lavori has become synonymous with traditional, functional design of superior quality. To commemorate this significant company milestone, this distinctive range will feature 20 limited edition pieces, from 19 internationally established brands, including Barbour, Woolrich, Baracuta, Paraboot and Nanamica. Each of the chosen brands have an ongoing, previously established working relationship with WP, and in order to commemorate three decades of collaboration, have chosen to reproduce key items from their respective collections. With a pure focus on the utilization of the colours blue and black, every product carries a definite tonal reference, concentrated within the fabrics, linings and details to create a common ground between each of the brands involved.

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